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LAUSD Showcase at Kennedy HS • May 11, 2024

On Saturday, May 11, the indoor drumline will perform in the LAUSD percussion showcase At Kennedy HS in Granada Hills. We will be using private vehicle transportation, and students are required to ride with one of the following approved parent drivers: Rei's Mom, Jacqueline/Andre's Mom, Kai's Mom, Sally's Mom or Dad, Amara's Mom, Sophia's Mom, Benny's Mom, Victoria's Mom, Euri's Mom, Miguel's Mom, or Giyen's Mom. It will be a long day, so please eat a big breakfast and bring a sack lunch/sandwich to eat before or after we perform!Here is the schedule:

  • 8:20am Call Time / Load Truck 

  • 9:00am Change into Uniform

  • 9:40am Truck and Parent Driver Departs NHHS

  • 10:10am Arrive at Kennedy HS in Granada Hills & unload truck 

  • 11:45am Perform for Showcase 

  • 12:15pm - Students attend Percussion Clinic 

  • 1:15pm - Students Load truck 

  • 1:45/2:15pm - Truck & Parent Drivers Depart Kennedy HS

  • 2:30/3:15pm - Unload Truck & Change out of Uniform

  • 2:45/3:30pm - Estimated Dismissal 

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