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2023-2024 Audition & Enrollment Information
Advanced Orchestra:
  • Begin by completing an application (CLICK HERE- Login using your mymail.lausd Email address!
  • Students are asked to submit a video audition or schedule a live audition with Mr. Sharp. 
  • The audition asks students to play a D & G major scale (two octaves) & a solo of their choice. 
  • Incoming 9th & 10th grade students can request zero period PE in the application. 
  • Students who have completed three years in a Middle School Orchestra are automatically eligible.
  • Current NH students should visit the music room and introduce themselves to Mr. Sharp.
  • Three years of playing experience is recommended. 
  • Please inform your counselor that you would like to enroll in the class.
Vocal Ensemble:
Jazz Ensemble 
  • Live auditions are required! Auditions will be during zero period class starting the second week of the fall semester
  • To be eligible, students must complete one full year of Band, Advanced Orchestra, or Vocal Ensemble OR be concurrently enrolled in Band, Orchestra, or Vocal Ensemble while enrolled in Jazz Ensemble
  • Availability Limited! Jazz Ensemble is an advanced group and has space to accept:
    • ​4 - 6 Trumpets
    • 4 - 6 Trombones 
    • 5 - 7 Saxophones
    • Rhythm Section: 1 or 2: Drumset, 1 or 2: Bass, 1 or 2: Piano, 1 or 2: Guitar, 1 or 2: Vibes/Percussion
Guitar / Modern Band
AP Music Theory 
  • Experience reading standard musical notation REQUIRED!
  • A firm understanding of major & minor scales & key signatures is strongly recommended.
  • Open to all Juniors & Seniors with a background in music
  • Please inform your counselor that you would like to enroll in this class.
Band & Color Guard
  • Start by completing an online application (CLICK HERE) - Login using your mymail.lausd Email address!
  • New members MUST attend our 2024 Band Camp July 29 - Aug 9, 2024!
  • Wind & Brass students upload an audition video. We ask students to play two major scales and a solo or excerpt of their choice.​ Band students with three years of playing experience in a Middle School Band are automatically eligible as long as they attend band camp.
  • Percussion auditions are in person • July 26, 12pm - 4pm  
  • Color Guard auditions will be on June 1 from 10am - 1pm in the Gym!
  • ​We recommend all percussion students attend our Summers Drummer Camp scheduled July 8-25 with placement auditions on July 26. This camp will  help prepare students for the program. It is open to all NHHS students, including incoming 9th graders! Even attending a brief portion of this camp will help prepare them for placement auditions which will be on July 26 from 12pm -4pm!
  • NEW Students: Once you have completed your first week of band camp please inform your counselor you want to enroll in Marching Dynamics, a PE credit course! √

CLICK HERE to hear from one of our students about the Band Program

ADDITIONALLY, ALL Band & Color Guard students are required to complete an Athletic Packet  to participate in the Fall Marching Season  
Click here to learn more!  

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