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Exciting New Changes to the NHHS Music Department!

I'm trilled to announce that the Advanced Orchestra & Vocal Ensemble are back! We are hiring a second music teacher to support all our programs, including the flourishing Royal Regiment and the Guitar/Modern Band programs. We understand the scheduling challenges faced by students with limited class options in a six-period day. To address this, the administration has decided to open a zero-period PE class for students who have spent the last three years of middle school taking orchestra or choir and want to continue to have music in their daily school schedule without sacrificing academic opportunities.We would appreciate your help in promoting these new programs by sharing our recently updated website. Please refer students to both the "Classes & Programs"and "Audition & Enrollment" sections to help facilitate enrollment.I hope that in two years, when we move into this beautiful new facility, we will be able to perform symphonies and concerts with our Symphony Orchestra, produce full-scale musicals with various live ensembles, and host music festivals and inspired events for our community. Please join me in promoting our music program and keeping music alive and well in North Hollywood!

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